Buddhist mala

Buddhist mala usage and benefits – Buddhist prayer beads

Mala is a Sanskrit word which means prayer beads. You can also say it as an instrument for counting mantra recitations. You will find many Buddhist monks, have malas wrapped around their wrist and wearing necklaces or dangling from their fingers. There are many mantras which can be recited with the help of these malas. Most of them count the mantras, in their mind or in a humming voice with each recitation one bead proceeds. This practice helps to calm the mind and focus on their thoughts.
How to use Tibetan Prayer beads?
There are numerous ways to hold the mala. Some people does that in right hand, some in left, while in few practices, the malas are held in definite mudras with both hands. Most common form of the malahas 108 beads. They are made with semi-precious stones, wood, seeds, or bone. You can recite a mantra 100 times, 108 times or even hundred thousand times with the same garland. The head bead is also known as the guru bead. Some malas have extra added identification with regular intervals. Like there might be a precious stone after 27 beads, which means you have traversed a quarter of the loop.
You need to hold the mala in your left hand. You will have to start chanting the mantra with the right next bead of the guru bead. You will hold one bead with your index finger and thumb. Then roll your thumb to move the next bead. Each bead adds one count to your chanting. When you have reached the guru bed again, you will find you have completed hundred times of chanting.
Benefits of using Buddhist mala
When you finish your chant, every time you will fell calmness in your mind, you will find your peace of mind and stay focused. But it is only possible when you chant the mantra with full dedication.
If you are wearing the mala, as necklace or bracelet, every time, it will provide you with inner strength.
Regular chanting of mala also provides you physical strength, and you will develop internal resistance power. Organic farm Nepal grow Buddhist beads and makes original Nepali Buddhist mala and sell in market. If you interested to buy original Buddhist mala write us.