Japa mala

Japa mala: the different types and benefits of using malas

What is mala? In Sanskrit mala means prayer beads. The use of malas is seen in different religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christians and much more. Japa mala is exclusively used by Hindu saints and followers. It is usually made out of 108 beads. Each bead keeps count of the number of chanting of mantra.
What are the types of Japa mala?
There are different types of Japa mala. Some of them are as follows
Tulsi mala: it is considered most sacred in Indian worship. It is considered when you chant prayer with tulsi wood mala it will improve your spiritual bend.
Rudraksha mala: it is used for centuries by ancient saints and priests for wearing as well as for prayer. It is said that Rudraksha is formed from the tear drops of Lord Shiva. It is said that even if wear the rudraksha mala around your neck it will lower your blood pressure.
Crystal mala: it provides you with divine energy when you wear it or chant hymns with it. It also neutralizes negative energies.
Sandalwood mala: it has many therapy effects like it will promote calmness in you.
Lotus mala: it is made with lotus seed. It is mainly used to stabilize or improve the financial condition.
Parad mala: it is considered most pure in both religious and medical beliefs. It can cure blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and much more.
Buddhist Mala: Buddhist beads jaap mala made from buddhachitta beads grown in Natural Bodhi tree garden Himalaya Nepal.
How to use Japa mala?
The first thing you will have to choose a mantra. In most cases the mantras are given to the disciples by their guru. You can also choose it. Different God and Goddesses have their respective mantras. So the choice of mantra is very curtail.
You need to hold the mala in your right hand. Put the mala, such that it dangles from your index finger. Do not touch the mala with your index finger, rather use your thumb to touch the beads. Then push one bead backward each time you complete chanting one mantra. The mountain bead is the starting and ending point of the process, but you should not count it. With each round, you will complete 108 times of mantras. Organic farm Nepal grows Rudraksha, Tulasi, Sandalwood, Buddhist beads, lotus etc and makes original Nepali japa mala and sell in market. If you interested to buy original Japa mala write us.